Kap Chatfield
Founder and CEO of Rveal Media
Create impact and income by creating content for God.
Kingdom Creator is the ultimate personal branding course for mission-driven coaches, consultants, speakers, and pastors who want to create a movement around their message through media.
Kingdom Creator Course Breakdown
🚀 Module 1: Mindset
Think Like an Unstoppable Professional Creator!
Contents include:
  • Going Pro vs. Staying Amateur
  • Slaying the spirit of fear
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • How leaders get digital ministry WRONG
  • The energizing cycle of creating
🎯 Module 2: Messaging
Clarify the Message That Will Attract Your Audience!
Contents include:
  • Measuring success
  • Audience personas
  • 4P Vision Narrative
  • Content Solar System
  • Cornerstone video
  • Season map
🎥 Module 3: Media
Create Explosive Video at Scale!
Contents include:
  • The 3 ingredients of an explosive video
  • Short, medium, and long-form explained
  • Developing your simple strategy
  • Video creation, simplified
🌱 Module 4: Marketing
Construct a Simple Funnel That Actually Converts!
Contents include:
  • Sketching your funnel
  • Constructing your funnel
  • Automating your funnel
What sets Kingdom Creator apart
Kingdom Creator
Mission-driven approach
Proven sustainable strategies
Easy video creation processes
Simple marketing system
Have Fun
See results Fast
MAKE money
No meaningful purpose
flash-in-the-pan tactics
Expertise needed
Complicated and disjointed Marketing
lose money
Your audience is waiting for you.
Scale your impact online without burning out.
You have a message to share with the world. You just don’t have the time or the marketing expertise to get it heard.

Trust me, I get it.

That’s why I created a media methodology that gained me 2M followers in just 7mo.

The best part, I’m operating it in as little as 5hr a week.

And in this course, I’ll teach you exactly how I did it.

No video creation experience required.
And it gets even better...
Buy today and get outrageous additional bonus value.
  • Bonus 1 ($3,000 value)
    Gain FREE 12-month access to the VIP channel in the Kingdom Creator Discord Community - Network, collaborate, and learn from elite personal brand builders.
  • Bonus 2 ($600 value)
    Enjoy a FREE 12-month subscription to FishFlow, the specialized CRM for Kingdom influencers. Organize, optimize, and outreach like never before!
"I believe that the success of your church's discipleship strategies hinges on you taking this course!
I've personally witnessed the transformative power of Kap Chatfield's teachings and the tangible results they produce. Such insights are invaluable to your church's vision and mission." - Ryan Adams, Pastor & Entrepreneur
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    What does the "Kingdom Creator" course offer to individuals looking to amplify their personal brand?
    The "Kingdom Creator" course is specifically designed for passionate professionals aiming to elevate their online influence. Participants will learn how to amplify their online presence, convert followers into advocates and customers, comprehend the intricacies of online branding for faith-based and service-driven experts, and turn their personal journey into a compelling brand narrative. With modules on messaging, media creation, and minimal marketing, it's the ultimate guide for coaches, consultants, influencers, entrepreneurs, and pastors.
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    Are there any bonuses included with the "Kingdom Creator" course?
    Absolutely! Enrolling in the "Kingdom Creator" course grants you three exclusive bonuses. Firstly, you get a FREE additional mini-course titled "Master Your Mindset" to cultivate a resilient mindset. Secondly, you gain a FREE 12-month VIP access to the Kingdom Creator Discord Community, a place to network and collaborate with top personal brand builders. Lastly, enjoy a FREE 12-month subscription to FishFlow, a specialized CRM designed for Kingdom influencers, enabling optimal organization and outreach.
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    How are the classes conducted and what if I have questions during the course?
    All classes are hosted online on our exclusive digital platform for Kingdom Creators. This platform allows you to watch lessons at your convenience and directly engage with Kap Chatfield by asking him questions. Furthermore, if you encounter any technical issues or need assistance, our dedicated team is always available to help. You can reach out to them at support@rveal.media.
About our founder

Kap Chatfield is a Kingdom creator, filmmaker, speaker, and consultant who ministers to the masses on the internet. He also helps Christian thought leaders create movements around their message through media.

He serves as the Online Pastor for Love Church in Omaha, NE, where his team is faithfully serving God's international flock.

His media work includes directing two feature documentaries, Acts (2019) and The Time Is Now (2021), as well as amassing an organic social media audience of over 1.5M followers in just 6 months.

Want Kap to help you catalyze your movement through media?

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