Create a movement around your message through media.
We train coaches, consultants, and pastors to build and scale their personal brands organically.
Don't bury the message God's given you.
If you're a Christian entrepreneur, thought leader, or influencer, the world needs the message God's given you.

But your inexperience in creating content has kept you from going all in and reaching the audience that has called you to reach.

And while you don't, your audience is getting intercepted by the message of the enemy.

But we can help.

We've developed a content creation methodology that will give you the confidence you need to build your personal brand with God.

Clarify the message around your mission.
Create remarkable media, fast.
Construct simple, marketing systems to capture demand.
And catalyze your movement for God's glory.

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How we train creators
We use our founder's media methodology that grew his online audience by 1.5 million in just 6 months.
Clarify Your Message
Using our Vision Narrative™ messaging framework, discover and clarify the message God has given you to share with the world.
Create Your Media
Using our Fish Hook™ content development methodology, learn how to communicate your message through viral-worthy short, medium, and long-form content.
Construct Your Marketing
We will help you create a marketing plan to find your audience in the right channels and then serve them your content 24/7.
Catalyze Your Movement
Once we launch you, you'll be sustainably growing your audience and fulfilling your mission for God's glory.
"I literally compare all the people I continually work with to Kap for what he brought to the table."
What our clients are saying
Jayson Hill
Founder, Sure Hang and Punch Collage
Kevin Bailey
Founder, Reverence Restored
"Kap helped us launch our social media presence for Reverence Restored, and now we’re sustainably growing our audience ourselves. Most importantly, we’re getting new leads from our audience every week."
"If it wasn't for Kap, our film would have never been possible."
Executive Producer, The Time Is Now (2021)
Dr. Ben Tapper
About our founder

Kap Chatfield is a Kingdom creator, filmmaker, speaker, and consultant who ministers to the masses on the internet. He also helps Christian thought leaders create movements around their message through media.

He serves as the Online Pastor for Love Church in Omaha, NE, where his team is faithfully serving God's international flock.

His media work includes directing two feature documentaries, Acts (2019) and The Time Is Now (2021), as well as amassing an organic social media audience of over 1.5M followers in just 6 months.

Want Kap to help you catalyze your movement through media?